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My lameness knows no bounds. Sorry, new friends, that this is the first post of mine you see. XD

For the end, both of you please think of a catchphrase.
Ryo: Okay, Shige, you say it.
Shige: Um... black hair.
Ryo: That's stupid! Make it something funny! It's going to be in big letters as in keywords on this page! Okay, so um... The Slightly Awkward Two.
Shige: If that was in big letters it'll be even more awkward!!
Myojo 2008 January

AKA: The Ryo/Shige Pimp Post

I don't get it, you say, why exactly should I ship them? Well, because they are hotness epitomized and whether or not you think they should have hot, hot sex right there, on the floor, they share a love of similar music, knowledge, and snark that makes for a great friendship. So hopefully after you read these snippets of love from magazines, pamphlets, and the like, you'll understand exactly what I mean. ;)

To Nishikido (Ryo)-kun, I read last month's WU. Up until then I'd always thought all of the times you'd harassed me were dark sides of your affections. I was relieved to find out that you weren't being serious (lol). I like you too (lol). Let's continue being friends!
Wink Up Message Board 2004 April

To Nishikido: To speak honestly, I’m a fan of you ♥ You have a lot of things I don’t have and I’ve admired you from a long time ago. I think I’d get embarrassed to say it in front of you so I mailed it! (lol)
Duet 2004 December

From what I remember, my impressions are: Prodigy, shiny eyes, quick mouth, no idea what he's talking about, eyes are bad, looks weak, only child, left-handed.

Something like that. You know who he is?

Right, Kato Shigeaki. Just like that, it only takes one shot.

And the present: Sucky hair sucky hair sucky hair stinky hair sucky hair sucky hair.

Well, no, he doesn't stink.

Sorry. Okay, I'll do this properly: Prodigy, mathematics, physics, glasses, thick body hair, shiny eyes, white teeth, left-handed, calculates really fast in his head, stubborn.
Ryo’s NewS JWeb 2006

There was once a time when, led by a very impressive figure from the jimusho, I ate tempura with Nishikido-kun. Although, Nishikido-kun might not remember...It's disappointing...
But at that time, Nishikido-kun was softly singing, that humming was very pleasant, very cool. It left me with this kind of impression.

And then, just like this, NewS was formed. When we met that time, my impression was:
1. Blond hair
2. Very harsh
3. But with a very manly spirit
Wagahai wa Shige de Aru 2006

Top 3 names you would give your children:
Ryo: Ryouko, Ryouta, Shigeaki
Shige: Ryo, Iori, Taiyou
Wink Up 2006 February

During the “Waratte ii tomo!” special I was on the “Busu no Hitomi ni koishiteru” team and Nishikido-kun was on the “Attention Please” team and we both participated in an archery contest. Apparently quite a lot of people saw that and the next day I got comments “That’s no good!”. But you know, though I lost to Nishikido-kun’s 200 points, wasn’t my 100 points pretty great? People who know me must have been thinking “Don’t drop it” at that moment (lol). But with that, I got 100 points so praise me a little more. Nishikido-kun’s first greeting today was “Uwa, it's the Not Star [last 2 words in english]” (lol).

You know Nishikido-kun, during the show when he got better than me, he totally started smiling and looking down on me and while doing so he farted! Well, of course I’m joking but Inagaki-kun happened to see that moment (lol). He said to me “What a nasty face he’s making~” and I agreed “Seriously. Even though we’re from the same group!” (lol). But of course Inagaki-kun took it as a joke too.
Wink Up 2006 June

Before all our concerts we always take showers. We took showers in Hokkaido too, but the shower rooms there had four booths and Koyama and I were showering.

During that Nishikido-kun came in and after a bit there was suddenly really cold water coming down from above. I peeked out and saw that Nishikido-kun was in the booth one down from mine, aiming the cold water shower head at me.

Do you know how freakin’ cold early spring water is in Hokkaido? (lol) It seems the water was even reaching Koyama’s booth so we both yelled “Stop it Nishikido!”, just calling him Nishikido (lol).

Jeez, Nishikido-kun, please don’t do such childish things!
Wink Up 2006 June

Essay #3: Thanks
There is something that Nishikido-kun often tells me. For example, when Nishikido-kun is standing next to me and I accidentally drop my wallet and he picks it up for me. At that time off the top of my head I say, "Ah, sorry!" If I do, Nishikido-kun will frown at me and say, "It's not 'sorry', it's 'thank you'!"


I'm going to say "Excuse me!" when I apologize. But when I'm grateful, I'm going to say "Thanks!". Nishikido-kun made me realize the importance of saying "Thanks", not relying on "Sorry!", for myself and also for the person I talk to.

To Nishikido-kun. I might still end up using "Sorry!" sometimes. I'm sorry for that.
Myojo 2006 September

From my point of view, Nishikido-kun, just like Yamashita-kun, is a charismatic person. Because, on top of all the activities he has as NEWS, he also has activities with Kanjani8 and solo jobs as well. So isn't he extremely busy? Not just his body, but I think that it also must be very difficult having to switchover his feelings one-by-one. And despite all that, he doesn't show any signs of how exhausting or painful it all must be. Furthermore, whether it be work or leisure, he takes really great care of his time. I would like to learn that toughness. If I were in the same kind of situation, I don't think I'll be able to modulate everything to his extent...I respect you!
A Happy NewS Year Concert 2005-06 Pamphlet

Being together with Nishikido-kun after such a long time made me think that he became more frank~ He became easier to talk to and because of that i feels like there’s less distance between us. Of course, we got along well before and we spoke a lot but Nishikido-kun before was-more delinquent-like (laughs) I fee like if you took a look at him, he had an atmosphere that made it seem it’s hard to talk to him. I wonder if it’s that Nishikido-kun is piling on experiences and changing bit by bit!? Please be good friends with me from now on too.
Exact date/magazine unknown

Kato Shigeaki - There are a lot of times when I think “The type of music Shige and I like are similar”. If I ask “Do you know this?”, most of the time he’ll answer “Yeah, I know it” and I’m glad we can have a lot of conversations from there. I’m happy that in the same group as me, there’s someone like that! It’s like our sentiments are the same, I guess? We also share one letter in our names (lol). Someday, shall the two of us pick a song we like and sing it at a concert together?… No, that seems like something Shige would get picky about, it’s alright (lol). -Nishikido Ryo
2007 NEWS Spring Concert Pamphlet

Nishikido-kun who carefully considers...
Since I don’t know what Nishikido-kun is really like, this analysis is hard! For example during concert MCs, there are days when he talks and talks, and other days when he doesn’t say anything at all. Even though he can be like that, he is someone who considers things carefully, someone who thinks about a lot of things. Apart from that, I just don’t get when he is being earnest and when he jokes. At the time when we were rehearsing for the concerts, he said to me with a half-smile, “Shige, let’s have something to eat afterwards!” I didn’t know if we’d really go, but I made time just in case. But then Nishikido-kun ate Chinese takeout to his heart’s content. *laughs* Yeah, he’s really difficult to analyze.
Myojo 2007 June

He's wise, he's manly, he's someone you can count on. That's Nishikido-kun. No matter what it is, if I leave it to you, I can trust you. You'll get it done. And you have such a cool and neat atmosphere to you. Do you remember? You invited me out to eat, didn't you? I was happy about that. But ever since there's been no word from Nishikido-kun. I'm lonely, really. *cries* That's why, no matter when, won't you invite me again? I'm looking forward to that.
Duet 2007 July

(Heartbreaking, sharp pain) That’s how I felt with Nishikido-kun really forgot that we had been out to eat ramen together (lol). He said to me “We’ve never been out to eat before” totally serious so I started explaining “Yes we have! Remember after the filming for XX at the OO studio and you were saying ‘Man I’m hungry’ so the two of us went to Ginza and…”, but even after I provided all those details about the occasion he didn’t remember at all. That was really sad (lol).
Wink Up 2007 July

Shige: So next is me and Ryo-chan
Ryo: Me and Shige?
Ryo: Okay, I'm going to read it. Being on friendly terms is about feeding each other. Please feed pudding to the other person.
Shige: This is pointless
Ryo: It's not pointless! Why is there two? You... uh.... what should I do?
Shige: Feed each other. Should we do it together at once?
Ryo: This is so soft...Okay, Shige.
Yamapi: Say A~n. A~n.
Shige: Okay.
Ryo: Shige~
Shige: Ryo~chan.
Ryo: HEY! You're left-handed, so it bumps with my right hand! Okay. We're going.
Everyone: A~n
Ryo: Is it good?
Shige:It's good.
Yamapi: My mouth opened too.
Shige: With us? This is moving quickly.
Yamapi: Do you feel closer?
Shige: I feel like we made something more awkward now. No?
Ryo: It's a little embarrassing
Shige: Yeah, embarrassing. You're seriously eating the Purin.
Ryo: I haven't had it for a while, so it was good.
RyoShigePi All Night Nippon 2007

About Shige, he's changed. I think he's the one who changed the most in NEWS. Recently, he is always getting bullied but is hardworking when doing work. (smiles) I guess there are quite a lot of people watching the new DVD in Taiwan, I saw the offshoot, and thought to myself, "Shige is pitiful." (laughs) In that DVD, S hige is just like someone who is abit dumb and silly. Which in standard words means a fool, but when Osaka people use this word, it also means that I like the person. I probably don't have the right to call Shige a fool, but Shige has really matured in several areas. His appearance gives off a Tokyo boy feeling, his brain is fast and talent plus looks combined can be used on Shige. Oh no, I have just praised Shige too much. (laughs)
Taiwan Concert Pamphlet 2007

Without Nishikido-kun, NewS wouldn't exist. I think he's just this kind of character, who is strong and has a lot of influence. I've spoken to him one-on-one before, and a lot of things he says are really objective. He's really an amazing person. I really respect him and think that he is someone worth believing in. Other than that, isn't Nishikido-kun a member of Kanjani8, too? This point, I think, will have a big effect on and bring a lot of inspiration to NewS. Although only people who have seen his DVD's off shots will understand this point. Am I just playing with him? No, really, these are my personal words of admiration. (laughs) I know his situation, but I still hope that he can be a little more moderate.(laughs)
Taiwan Concert Pamphlet 2007

Shige: Do we even have anything in common?
Ryo: Nishikido Ryo's kanji for "Ryo" and Kato Shigeaki's kanji for "aki"? [亮] That's about it.

Shige: Maybe sometime we could go shopping together?
Ryo: I shop alone.
Shige: ...well then, where?
Ryo: Movie theater.
Shige: That, all you do is sit next to each other!? There's no meaning in going together!?
Ryo: Oh, I don't think we've ever went out and played together. A lot of the times after work I said "Shige, let's go out and eat?" but you always say "No."
Shige: I never said that!!
Ryo: Joking Joking. Shige goes when a lot of other people go. Shige and I are only together during work.
Shige: *tear* I feel a lot of distance and I'm getting sad.

Shige: Okay, so my question, have you ever read the essay that I write?
Ryo: I have I have. You talk about being left handed, or about colors. There's one where you've talked about me, too!
Shige: To hear that you've actually read it makes me embarrassed *red*
Myojo 2008 January

Shige: About the day before yesterday, I went out with Nishikido-kun alone for the first time for a meal.
Yamapi: Oh, first time. How was it?
Shige: As expected, my heart was beating a little faster.
Ryo: Because there was only the two of us!

Ryo: I actually asked him out. I asked whether he had anybody to eat with. I thought Shige would have something going on after work, but I asked Shige where he is going afterwards, and I used a gentle tone too! (laugh) "Shige's resting tomorrow right? Have you asked anyone out today?" It started like this. (laugh) "No, no plans for today." "Oh, I see." And, because I worked very hard to invite him, I said softly, “So, let's go eat together? (laugh)"
Yamapi: Ryo, ganbatte ne. (laugh)
Shige: But I couldn’t see his effort. He gave a nonchalant look.
Ryo: I told you I tried very hard! It was the first time the two of us were alone.
Yamapi: Shige must have been very surprised right!
Shige: For me, I didn't know whether it was real or not. So I said, "Okay". But after that, if he said "it was a joke," wouldn't it be very sad?
Ryo: Because I am a person who would do such things sometimes right. (laugh)

Ryo: Just recently, I got hizamakura (lit: lap-pillow, aka sleeping on someone's lap) from Shige until I fell asleep (laughs).
Shige: Right right. I got a call from Nishikido-kun so I immediately went to find him. After that, five minutes later, he had suddenly fallen asleep on my lap. Am I a hizamakura?
Yamapi: That's Ryo-chan. At last he will always sleep (laughs).
Shige: But after that Nishikido-kun didn't even remember it happened.
Ryo: Later, I got a mail picture of it and I was really surprised. (laughs)
Wink Up 2008 February

I have nothing that I can pinpoint but he just generally is really kind. His kindness is really natural so it’s hard to say just one thing he does that’s kind. And also, Nishikido-kun is the complete opposite of Koyama’s looseness. (laugh) He’ll properly say his opinion but if he makes a mistake he’ll right away say “Sorry~” and apologize. He’s such an adult~.
Duet 2008 March

The image that I have of Shige is, as expected, that “He’s a smart kid”. Not just with studying but I think that when he has a conversation with someone his brain works really fast in taking in what the other person said and responding.
Duet 2008 March

People who you’ve saved their number in your cellphone but don’t really ever get calls from...I think everyone has people like that. Until about a year ago, it was like that with Yamashita-kun and Nishikido-kun. But recently that's...in one day we’ll get in contact twice or something (lol). Even yesterday, I was at home studying for a test and Nishikido-kun who was out eating called me.

Nishikido: What are you doing?
Kato: Studying.
Nishikido: Ooh, good luck.

(2 hours later)

Nishikido: What are you doing?
Kato: I said I’m studying!
Nishikido: ...wanna come over now?

If you’re going to go out of your way to call me out, I’ll go! In the end I was having too much fun and time passed while I completely forgot about studying!! But the fact is, getting calls from the two of them makes me really happy. ♥
Myojo April 2008

Shige debut!?...Lately I hang out with Shige a lot. Until just a little while ago there was nothing like that, but when I saw Pi hanging out with him I thought we might get along too (lol). Last night he came over to my house for the first time, I was really happy. When I ended up falling asleep, and when Shige went home, I don’t know. Most of the time when I hang out with him it’s in the pattern of me calling him thinking “He probably can’t” and then he’s like “I’ll come now!”. But I’ll fall asleep at some point. And the next day I’ll think to call him to say “Sorry” and then it ends up “I’ll come now!” again. But I like this kind of excited Shige. ♥
Myojo April 2008

For this photoshoot, they had to climb up the stairs to reach the rooftop and Ryo complained that it was troublesome, so Shige piggybacked him all the way up. Ryo's comment seemed to show that he was a bit surprised that Shige didn't give up halfway.
TV PIA 2008 May

What if you could go back to the past and say sorry to someone?
To Shige, I’m sorry for making you cry a lot (lol). Though I said "a lot" it was only about two times. (“Yes, it is” said Shige nearby). When I'd just joined NEWS, I was even meaner than I am now. Because I was acting as a steady man (lol). At the period of time when I suddenly approached people and said “What the hell!”, a pure Shige-chan had excited me a lot (lol).
Wink UP 2008 September

“HAPPY” you’ve gotten from the Members
Nishikido Ryo: Shige~ gave me a hat! I would always say about the hat Shige wore “I want that!”, and after that he went and bought me the same one. Sometimes when we’re wearing the same hat I say “Hey, you’re wearing the same hat as me!” (laugh) Gahaha!! (Bursts out laughing to himself).
Monthly Television 2008 October

Then it was Ryo's turn. He had to hold hands with someone and even before he said it you could see in his eyes he was going to pick Shige (who was standing not even next to, but 2 people away from him!). They laced fingers, but weirdly Shige had one of his fingers (his index finger) balled up like a fist. Then it was Shige's turn again. He held Ryo's hand in a kind of amused way as he pulled the block out. He had to tell a story of true love. Ryo kept a tragic, but kind of lovestruck face while Shige told it, listening intently while still holding hands with Shige! Shige's face was red as he held Ryo's hand and told the story.
NewS Winter Diamond Fanreport 2008 December

Ryo asked why Shige wrote his name “Kato Shigeaki” in katakana (like this: “カトウシゲアキ” and not “加藤成亮”) on the birthday card that he received from him. Shige said that if he write 成亮 ("Shigeaki"), it will look like:
成 + 亮 = 成亮
Shige + Ryo = ShigeRyo
Shige said that he was shy to write like that on Ryo’s birthday card.
NewS Winter Party Diamond Fanreport 2008

For work, there are a lot of time where me and Shige are picked up in the same car, but I’m always late so I’m sorry for having to make Shige wait in the car for me. On the contrary, when we’re going home I’m faster than anyone else, so I’m sorry for hurrying you. But, when Shige knows he’s going to be with me in the car when we go home, without saying a word he hurries up (laugh).
Myojo 2009 February

I got this carpet from Nishikido-kun. I went over to Nishikido-kun’s house to play and when I said I thought that carpet was good he said “I’ll give it you” so I was happy! We put it into our manager's car and took to my place.
Popolo February 2009

The most well-informed one is?
Shige. He’s smart!! I think him having that knowledge is really great. But recently, when I was talking to Shige about the revolutionist Che Guevara, he has a wrong bit of information and I told him the right information. Which means, as a result the one who’s the most well informed is me!? (laugh)
Duet 2009 May

His [Shige] knowledge is strong. He knows various things. But sometimes there are times when Shige doesn’t know something but I do so at those times I’ve been deceived!
Myojo 2009 July

He’s [Ryo] strong willed. He never falters. He’s always been continuing to play guitar.
Myojo 2009 July

The one who knows the most in NEWS is?
Nishikido’s answer: Kato Shigeaki
He’s younger then me but he’s great! Because he reads a lot of books and watches a lot of movies and he always properly studies a lot. He’s younger then me but he knows things that I don’t and he can teach me things and I think that’s really great.

Kato’s answer: Nishikido Ryo
Nishikido-kun is a well informed man. I think I know a lot too but for this I would say Nishikido-kun. Nishikido-kun’s detailed with music and his knowledge of other various things he likes is really wide. He reads books and he’s a well informed man.
Myojo 2009 July

On Shige’s [birthday], I called him. “Hello, Shige? Happy birthday! See you~” and then I hung up, the total call time was 6 seconds (laugh).
Myojo 2009 November

Also, NEWS' concert DVD has every member's PV. Amongst them I like Shige's Shalala Tambourine the most. Shige, who can do such things to such lengths, I think he is very cool. The karaoke staff and the high school girl etc., he did many cosplay. It must have taken much time to think. Eh, Shige said he wanted to shoot a PV like mine? Not bad, if there is a chance next time.
Wink Up 2010 January

The things you liked recently.
Did you all see the “Diamond” DVD? I have to say it by myself, but don’t you think that my PV was a good work? My mom after watching it she called me laughing so much and saying “Your PV is weird!”. Then she said “Your high school girl cosplay it was just like me at high school time!” (lol). “Eh? Really?” and I asked her to show me a picture but she didn’t look like me at all (lol). That PV was also praised by Nishikido-kun: “Shige’s PV is super-good!”. No, no, Nishikido-kun’s PV is way more cool. One time I want to do one like his, in black and white, just with a guitar!
Wink Up 2010 January

I called up Shige yesterday. I was really just calling him about personal things though. My friend didn't believe something I said so I decided "Shige will know the truth!" and suddenly called him. I asked him "Shige? I'm going to give the phone to my friend now, so please explain the truth to him!". He did a really good job of explaining it to my friend and totally saved me. Thank you Shige~. All of us members are connected by things like this, so there's no reason to be sad everyone!
Duet 2010 January

If I were to give an example of a voice I like from the members, it would probably be Nishikido-kun. His voice when he’s singing is cool.
Potato 2010 February

Who’s voice do I like in NEWS? Nishikido-kun (laugh) I’m serious about this. I don’t hate my own voice. Besides me, I like Shige’s. I don’t really have a reason but the one that came to mind now was Shige.
Potato 2010 February

In the shooting they used some Donuts. Looking at donuts they were both surprised:

“They look so sweet!” (Shige)
“I hate sweet food!” said Nishikido-kun and Kato-kun too: “I’m quite the same...”.

But they were requested to bite them for the pics so they decided to play janken to see who had to eat them for first.

The results...Kato-kun lost!

Shige was keeping his breath to eat it but just at that moment Ryo did it. Shige was really surprised by that! Saying “Sweet!!” Ryo gave the donuts to Shige with a “Aaahn!!”. “So sweet!!” was Shige’s reaction. Due to their pleasant figures the scene was wrapped in a sweet, kind mood.

In the solo cuts, Shige faced again the donuts: “This isn’t a taste I’d want now” and stretching his hands to 2 of them he muttered: “No matter which one I take they’re both so sweet!” and he had to challenge other shootings.

Looking at Shige’s figure Nishikido-kun murmured: “Those were better than the ones I made”, since recently he began to cook sweets, it looks that if he cook them by himself he can eat them!

Those two who had to challenge something they hate, thank you very much!!
Only Star photoshoot behind-the-scenes report 2010 April

With Nishikido-kun, at first I was surprised and thought “He’s good at singing!” Lately, I’ve been thinking that he’s a person who likes to use his brain. He’s persuasive in his speech and he does anything skillfully. He’s the artist type. This is impertinent but I think he’s the one who is most similar to me.
Duet 2010 April

Shige’s Shalala Tambourine, it really is a good song. When we had our concert, we would do rehearsal on stage and would be made to sing about 15 minutes but I would always definitely sing this song. I sort of like it.
Duet 2010 April

Q9. If you were a pet from which member you’d like to be kept?
Ryo's answer: Shige

Q10. Draw yourself turned in a pet according to Q9.

Wink Up 2010 May

Q1. Tell us a dream you saw recently!
Shige: I seriously had a dream that Nishikido-kun seemed like he was going to get angry at me~ (laugh)
Wink Up 2010 August

"This bright smile is Ryo’s proof of love towards Shige!? Even Nishikido-kun, who was avoiding the camera at first, gives us a full faced smile!” (Photo taken by Shige)
Popolo 2010 December

Dear Shige, I didn’t know how to use the new camera I bought and when I called Shige in the middle of the night you taught me with a lot of detail. Thank you for then! There was too much terminology and I actually couldn’t understand too well though (laugh).
Popolo 2011 January

To Kato-kun: When we had the Tokyo dome concert, when I said ‘Shige’s hair got long didn’t it? People that think it got too long turn your penlights on!’ most of the audience turned them on. Then, I thought that Shige coming the next day with his hair properly cut was cute. I love that about you. Merry christmas!
Duet 2011 January

To Nishikido-kun: Nishikido-kun, is it ok for me to call you ‘Ryo-chan’ in 2011? (laugh) I haven’t even once called you that.
Duet 2011 January

What are the gestures and words that make you think "So cute!" about a member?
Ryo: Some time ago when I was going to the studios and Shige was holding his bag, about to go home, and he came to greet me on purpose, he was cute!
Shige: Nishikido-kun doing his best to imitate Macchi-san on "Waratte iitomo!" was adorable.
Myojo 2011 October

And what exactly is a Pimp Post without pictures?

And of course, videos!

→Ryo torturing feeding Shige. [watch]

→Ryo singing Shige's Kakao. [x]

→Ryo singing Shige's Shalala Tambourine. [x]

-I only got the first to cut/upload because my computer is stupid and keeps having heart attacks when I tried to make the others. I can't find them online anywhere, so they'll have to be added later unless someone is kind enough to upload them for me. Also, any other videos/clips you can think of, do share! I'm drawing a blank. D:

Are you seeing the awesomeness of this pairing yet? Not to fear, read some of these fabulous fics and then write your own you'll ship them just like they already ship themselves! :D If you have any to rec, please let me know in a comment and I'll add them! :D

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The Sashaying Show by aiyasa. NC-17.
Love and Fate and Sex and Fear by tokeruyouna. NC-17.
Blur by ryogrande. NC-17.
Jigsaw by pyschoniji. NC-17.
Superstars sucked into the supermassive by ryogrande. NC-17.
But we can't go back by ryogrande. NC-17. (+Yamapi).
But I digress by rolling_scone. NC-17. (+Koyama).

The Love that Chases by catskilt. RyoShige.
The Whorehouse by trivialaffair. AU. PG-13. Ryo/Shige.
The Whoreverse by yey_yey. AU. RyoShige.

So, are you converted yet? :D
Tags: !fanfiction, picspam, pimping, riha=bored, riha=lame, ryoshige, ryoshige pimp post
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