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riha's fic rec list!

I have been meaning to do this for ages, so here it is finally. :D This is just everything in my mems plus all that I can remember off the top of my head. I know I'm messing lots, but oh well. My wrists hurt from the coding. D:

To go beyond by matchynishi. Unrated.
Smiles, smiles, smiles by fingeredheart. PG.
You've made it now. PG. AU.
Because the world doesn't stop spinning (and it's always your fault) by fingeredheart. PG.
Fish out of water by notaverse. PG. AU.
Underdog by ionnesaysrawr. PG-13.
Election by artemisgoddess. PG-13.
Music in your eyes by fingeredheart. PG-13. AU.
Heartache by fingeredheart. PG-13.
Seachange by soundczech. R. AU.
Falling is like this by waffle_dragon. R.
Soft skin boys by soundczech. AU. NC-17.
I put a spell on you by myxstorie. NC-17, (+ some Pin).
Available Light by shontos_garden. NC-17, AU.

Relativity and Sexuality by xplodey_di. Unrated.
(bad hearted boytrap babydoll but) you're so damn hot by rolling_scone. PG-13.
Letters From... by psychoniji. PG-13. AU.
[un-] by zenfu. R.
Words that rhyme with Kink by ionnesaysrawr. R.
The Best Deceptions (In Which Ueda goes clubbing and the world stops making sense) by ionnesaysrawr. R.

Drink to this night by aikomidori. NC-17.
Angels Overhead by ionnesaysrawr. NC-17.

just one thing sparkled in the endless, wide world by rolling_scone. AU. R.

Sucker Love by potter. NC-17.

Cigarette Lighter Lovesong by ionnesaysrawr. AU. NC-17.

Quest for the magic forest by tinyangl. AU. PG.
Our Member Love Can Kick Your Member Love’s Ass by koneho. PG-13.
Because KAT-TUN Fandom Needs More Sex by koneho. PG-13.
The colorless words by mintstars. PG-13. Jin-centric.

Keeping watch in the night by htenywg. Unrated.
The little things give you away by htenywg. Unrated.
The path from me to you by ununoriginal. Unrated.
Comes to rest in me by ununoriginal. Unrated.
Your God-forsaken Right by ununoriginal. Unrated.
four times shige accidentally confesses to ryo, and one time he maybe sort of kind of possibly means it by cynicalism. Unrated.
Defined by mintstars. G.
How Tegoshi managed to make Ryo's life suck (and then not so much) by rolling_scone. PG.
The Cliff by vinyaromeniel. PG. AU.
Six fights Ryo has with Shige by peroxidepest17. PG-13.
Higher Learning by peroxidepest17. PG-13.
The Sky, the Ocean, the In-between by jadedfrenzy. PG-13.
Total Girl by tokeruyouna. PG-13.
How to make a Kato Shigeaki by tinyangl. PG-13.
Chronology by pinkpapyrus. PG-13.
The Act of courting by indian_monsoon. PG-13.
Backward by psychoniji. PG-13. AU.
Of pretty girls and falling by trivialaffair. R. (+ Ryo/Toda Erika).
Nothing clever to say by anamuan. Hard R.
Gemini by konliza. NC-17.
Inexplicability by ryogrande. NC-17.
All I want for Christmas by ryogrande. NC-17.
The Sashaying Show by aiyasa. NC-17.
Love and Fate and Sex and Fear by tokeruyouna. NC-17.
Blur by ryogrande. NC-17.

Years in the making by closeta. Unrated.
Two Different Times Ryo Was Angry With Pi (Though They Made Up Again) by htenywg. Unrated.
for all the times you spent running(and for when you finally stop) by closeta. PG-13.
I want to be your secret by chasing_spring. PG-13. AU.
Summerlong by potter. NC-17.

Comfort Zone by slytherisa. PG-13.
Morality Briefs by ryogrande. AU. PG-13.
Diamond in the Rough by ryogrande. R.
Shige-Ai by ryogrande. R.
Rock-a-bye by ryogrande. Mpreg. NC-17.
Sonnet 116 by coiled_iris. NC-17.

Well you must be a girl with shoes like that by snoozing_kitten. NC-17.
Call on me by ryogrande. R/NC-17.

How Tegoshi and Shige became awesome by misticloud. NC-17.

The tale of Shige-rella by koneho. AU. PG-13.
Protecting a title by shanghaihoney. R.

U-Turn (Shut up and Drive) by ryogrande. NC-17.

Wanna Play? by joshua_glass. NC-17.
But I digress by rolling_scone. NC-17.

Will always stain by jadedfrenzy. PG-13.
Pulse by jadedfrenzy. NC-17.
But we can't go back by ryogrande. NC-17.

This is our big bang by ryogrande. Unrated. AU.
NewS Medley by peroxidepest17. AU. PG-13.

Double Agent by ryogrande. Ryo/Tegoshi, Ryo/Ryo. NC-17.

Falling at this angle (left you broken like me) by tharae. Unrated.
Love is simple with you by changetje. PG.
One thousand and one Tokyo nights by acchikocchi. PG.
Marquee by acchikochi. PG-13.
Last First Kiss by ryogrande. PG-13.
Welcome, Gackt-chan! by mousapelli. Mpreg. PG-13.
JEnchanted by potter. PG-13. (+ Ryo/Yamapi).
Just keep swimming by changetje. PG-13.
At the Beginning by pixisticks. AU. R.
Timepiece by ky_rin. R.
A Thousand Questions by mousapelli. R.
When Rivalry Blossoms by ryogrande. R (NC-17 for the bonus).
I put a spell on you by myxstorie. NC-17. (+ Akame).
Year Nine, Week Forty-seven by jain. NC-17.
Sweet Dreams are made of this by myxstorie. NC-17.
This Charming Man by potter. NC-17. (+ Jin/OFC).
Summer Lovin' by pixisticks. AU. NC-17.
A risk worth taking by yararanger. NC-17. (+ Ueda)

Pretension by anamuan. NC-17. (+ Shirota Yuu).
Untitled Femmeslash by terrorbull. NC-17.
Bittersweet Symphony by potter. NC-17.
Oh come all ye faithful by potter. NC-17.

Just because by xplodey_di. PG.
That shining road by yararanger. PG.
e·lic'i·ta'tion by rolling_scone. PG-13. (+ Kurosaki/Amamiya Kuniyasu)
Clay hearts (and the sequel) by rolling_scone. PG-13/R.
Burn after Reading by rolling_scone. R.
Color of Night by nemuresenorita. R. (+ Ryo/Ueda).
Punch Drunk by ryogrande. Hard R.
A risk worth taking by yararanger. NC-17. (+ Jin)

Regrettably Yours by tharae. Unrated.
Five Scenarios where Ueda had to wear a dress by aren_mari. PG.
A Friend in Deed by sweetdepravity. PG-13.
Candy Talk by gaillen. PG-13.
The Hahaha in Halloween by ionnesaysrawr. PG-13.
Freak Out by kanzenrei. PG-13.
Underrated by kanzenrei. PG-13.
Miracle Worker by kanzenrei. PG-13.
Remembering Sunday by ionnesaysrawr. NC-17.
All it takes by kanzenrei. NC-17.

I bet you can't by yamapea. PG-13.
Motor Control by hilaryscribbles. PG-13, AU.
Whatever you need by myxstorie. NC-17.

in vino veritas by cynicalism. Unrated. Kame/Shige.
Going Live by cynicalism. Unrated. No pairings, Massu-centric.
Per Ardua, Ad Astra by anamuan. PG. No pairings, Ryo-centric.
Therapy by mujun. AU. G. No pairings, Tegoshi-centric.
Freedom is a cafe by rolling_scone. PG-13. Shige/Ueda.
You got served by rolling_scone. PG-13. Aiba/Koyama.
Four AUs Where Jin Gets What He Wants and One That's Reality by tinyangl. Mostly AU. PG-13. No pairings, Jin-centric.
Last rites to sleepless nights by ryogrande. PG-13. No Pairings, Shige-centric.
for every door that closes (another one opens) by aikomidori. PG-13. Ohno/Yamapi, Naruse Ryo/Kurosaki.
Don't forget to look before you fall by changetje. PG-13. Jin/Shige, Kame/Shige. AU.
The Day Jun gots him some No by rolling_scone. R. Matsujun/Junno.
Hold on to me pretty baby if you want to fly by snoozing_kitten. NC-17. Jin/Koyama.
Safety in numbers by myxstorie. NC-17. NEWS/KAT-TUN.
Dusk to Night by fragileday. NC-17. Toma/Nakamaru.
Go club, get drunk by myxstorie. Koyama/Jin. NC-17.
A risk worth taking by yararanger. NC-17.
Riding hood red by ryogrande. K(Y)AT-TUN. NC-17.

Ryo/Toda Erika
Shy Boy by trivialaffair. PG-13.
Of pretty girls and falling by trivialaffair. R. Ryo/Toda Erika (+ RyoShige).
Double, double toil and trouble by ryogrande. NC-17. Ryo/Toda Erika.

when the best friend meets the girlfriend by cynicalism. Unrated. Various Parings.
Kiss, Kiss, Kiss by changetje. PG. Yamapi/Kitagawa Keiko.
The M Factor by ryogrande. PG-13. Massu/Horikita Maki.
Love in Sepia by ryogrande. PG-13. Ohkura/Sato Megumi.
This is it by koneho. PG-13. Ueda/Kobayashi Ryoko.
Tri-Angle by ryogrande. PG-13. Yamapi/Horikita Maki, Kame/Kuroki Meisa. (+ lots of Yamapi/Jin/Kame/Ryo/Toma friendship)
Secret Garden by pixisticks. NC-17. Jin/Kuroki Meisa.

Out of sight, out of mind by ginzarhapsody. AU. PG-13. Koyama/Yamapi.
The Love that Chases by misticloud. RyoShige.
The Whorehouse by trivialaffair. AU. PG-13. Ryo/Shige.
Profitable Alliances (Part 1) by rolling_scone. AU. PG-13/R. KoyaShige + Akame.
The Whoreverse by yey_yey. AU. RyoShige.

+ Everything at mujuniverse. Community is locked, so you have to join first.
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