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riha → twenty-five. lazy. lame. loves writing, watching movies, and flaming hot cheetos. graduated in 2010 with an english b.a. currently working as a web content writer. resides in minnesota but is itching to get out. has no idea what to do with her life. spends too much time flailing over k-pop and j-pop, especially exo and johnny's. really loves kim jongin, zhang yixing, and nishikido ryo. ♥
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Tags: @friends only, riha=fail, there is no life here
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you are going to lock all the entries??? Cool..
I love your friends only banner,yo....Ryo is just too hot...i dunno but i like Ryo the best, no matter how he looks like or what he is doing.
Uhm, I'd like to friend you because i do like your entries, personal ramblings, icons or fanfiction.^^ So, i should introduce myself, righT? :D

Name: Kim (or Kimochi)
Favourite JE groups: KAT-TUN, NEWS, TOKIO... (most of them^^)
How I came to your journal: fics
What more about me: uhm... I'm pretty nice? *fails* xDDD~

Hey, hun~ Nice to meet you~ :Dv
I'll add you, yes? ♥

I've just checked my f-list and realized that you've added me!

*adds you back immediately*


I've always wanted to add you,
because I love your icons and fics! ^^

HEH, anyway.


Nice too meet you to, dear! Thanks for adding me back! :D ♥
Deanna. NEWS. Shace is my lover and if she loves you, I probably will, too.
Read your profile -- Yay to Nishikido Ryo (dies)! I think out of the dramas you have listed, there are only two I haven't seen. I'm kinda turning into a jdrama whore. Maybe. a lot
I also looove L'arc en Ciel, because there's something astounding about such a little man producing that much amazing sound D:

So, hi? :D
OH. I've already read your fic TCL. :D! I did not know that. D:


9 years ago


9 years ago

anamuan, but people call me Nikki.
I wouldn't say i dislike any groups, but I'm probably mostly a NewS fan. I don't pay much attention to the sempai, and the juniors do not exist for me. I think you know how i found this journal ^_~
Nice to meet you, Nikki! :) ♥ I'm Riha, as you've probably already read in the post, lol.
I'm basically the same as you, not particularly hating any groups and mostly a NewS fan. I don't pay much attention to the sempais either, and even though I love some of the juniors, I hardly ever post about them.
wow getting pretty strick huh??? is it because of ryo that must be it huh....
RYO WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!?!?!!?! hehehe
i think thats a great idea how your being strick now which means i should start posting in my LJ too lately i havent b/c i'm busy but that makes me wanna do more
see ya around girl^^
hi!! u can call me keekee.. my friends often call me kicks [i dunnoe why].. i bumped into ur journal when i was google-ing ryoshige fanfic.. i've only read one of ur fanfics and i LOVE it!! ur communication skill in ur fiction is really good! i;ll be reading more of wat u wrote when i have the chance to, and i;ll make sure i;ll comment on them.. nice too meet you!
Hi! It's nice to meet you, I'm Riha. :D
Thank you for leaving a comment and for the add!
I'll add you back now! ^^
Hi, I like Kis-My-ft2 a lot. Let's be friends? :)))
Hi~ I have no problems with being friends, though I just want to mention that I hardly ever really fangirl Kisumai, even though I really love them. If that's not a problem, then, that's fine too. :)
I'll add you back, then~ ^^


9 years ago


9 years ago

Hi! Nice to meet you. Well, I read your profile and i just love everything you like too.
I'm so sorry if my english it's not the best, but I'm from Argentina and I'm still studing the language. ^^
I love the JE tooo... specially KAT-TUN, Arashi, Tegomassu and Hey!Say!Jump!. There're all of them sooooo cute among an other things jejejeje...

=D And i love YamaPi, he's the cutest thing ever.

I add you to my friends, hope that's not a problem.

Thanks for the add, I'm so sorry this response is so late! :\\\
I'll add you back, yes? :D

Re: Hello ^^


9 years ago

Sorry I made your banner late for ryo_awards
I didn't know where to post it, so I hope posting your banner here, is ok?
It's fine you posted here! Thank you so much, dear! ♥ :)
PLease add me. Total fan! :))
Sorry, you dont have to if you dont want to.
aldsfkjas I'm so sorry this reply is late! I've been on a hiatus!
I'll definitely add you! Sorry for taking so long! D:
I followed someone's icon back here; I'd like to stay for the icons, fics, and fangirling please~

Nickname: Saya (given to me by my best friend)

"I love Nishikido Ryo ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥"
"I'm an aspiring English major and I enjoy writing"
- those lines, ditto for me.

I'm stocking up on as much things Kanjani8 at the mo', but I like KAT-TUN and NewS also and have got plenty stocked for them, but there's always room for moar x3
If you browse my journal and wonder why it's empty, it's cuz I had to move because I fell in love with JE so hard, I couldn't incorporate it into my old journal (which was all anime) 8D;

And now, I'll wait for a response that say adding you will be A-otay~ *sips orange juice off to the side* :3
Hi Saya, nice to meet you! I have no problems if you add me, and I'll add you back too! :) ♥
i add u,,

maybe because i love ryoshige pairing, and u kinda like it too nee~~
i see u write a lot about it,,
beside that i love ryo nowaday,,
and your banner is sooooo cute!!
*drooling over ryo*

yoroshiku nee~~
Nice to meet you! Thanks for the add, I added you back! :D
Hi riha!

I'm Pao, by the way, from the Philippines. I'm a NewS/Arashi/Kanjani8 fan, and I am most definitely a fan of your fanfics. =)

I really do hope we can be good friends!
Nice to meet you Pao! :D I'll add you then, yes?


9 years ago

*appears out of the shadows*
Hi! I've been meaning to add you for ages but I get distracted easily and so I'm finally doing it now, when I should be studying for finals and writing my paper :)b

My name is Laura, and I like NEWS and am starting to like KAT-TUN. I'm also in the process of getting to know other JE groups better. I feel like I haven't read your stuff in ages but I'm a fan of your Through the Camera Lens fic and also Ryo/Shige/Ueda in general ♥
Hi! It's nice to meet you Laura! Thank you for the add, and I'll definitely add you back~ ♥ :)
Although we never talked , we have some common interests and I want some JE loving friends (^∇^);;; ♥
I'm called Yuu and my favourite band is Kanjani8. I'm 19 years old too, and study Marine Science and Technology ♥. I love Yoko ~~ (*≧▽≦) I try to comment all of my Friends' Post, but I'm a little needy for comments as well (laugh). I think the same about Friends List! I hope you'll add me back and we can talk more ^o^/.
a;lsdkfj I'm so sorry for the late reply! But thanks for the add! I'll definitely add you back! :)
Hellloo. :3

I think you might recognize my name from around. ;D I'm one of the maintainers of ryo_awards. My name is Vicky and I'm from Texas. Umm.. I love JE! Haha. My favorite groups are NEWS & KAT-TUN. I am insanely in love with Koyama & Jin. Haha, and of course, Ryo! Anything else? XD

Friends, please? :)
:D It's nice to meet you! Thanks for the add, and I'll be adding you back! :) ♥
Oh noes D: journal locking!
Well, I apologize for not being really active when it comes to commenting. I'm always tempted to comment in people's entries, but then I'm like "ehh...that's kinda cheesy =___=; I sound like a total dumbass."
Sooo, if you can deal with dumbass-ness, don't delete meeee ~~ :'D Lol

Anyways, le LJ emailed me and told me that your birthday is coming up o__________________o; dun dun duuuun ~ does that mean you're going to be 20 then? *o*

Oh and just for the heck of it:
Helloo, my name is Brenda ~
I love Koyama Keiichiro to bits tee hee ♥
Umm...NEWS is my favourite JE group as well ^^
Read your profile and omg Koda Kumi and DBSK ♥ crazyy xD that's so awesome
Usually the people I've met recently that know Koda Kumi, dislike her. =-=; Lamers.
Let's see, for anime ~ omg Ouran ♥ and Hana-Kimi and InuYasha! Yayy ~ another fan of InuxKag =w= happyyyy ~

I have a lot more to say, but I think this is enough for the first entry D: lol
Hope to get to know you better as the time goes by ^-^; sorry for not doing so before T^T
Don't worry, dear, I won't be deleting you! ♥ It's nice to *really* get to meet you! :)
setsuna_31 desu~
Call me Lara.
I love JE! <3
I'm a NEWS fan and a RyoShige shipper.
I admire you when it comes to fics. You really a good writer.

Yoroshiku~ ^___^
It's nice to meet you Lara! Thank you very much for the add! I'll add you back! :D
Hi! I'm here to add you as a friend, of course. You can call me Rachel if you feel like it, but a lot of people I know over the Internet call me Teddy or Ran. Doesn't make a huge difference to me, though. It's YOUR preference that matters. I LOVE Johnny's Entertainment despite having just recently introduced myself to there...greatness. So far, I'm become interested in NewS (Tegomasu included) and Kat-Tun, but I'd like to expand what I know about the people and music of JE. What else? Hmmm...I like Ryo, too! He was the first person I found attractive in NewS when I was watching one of their videos, but I like everyone in the group now. :3

So, to make a long story short, I was just searching for people with a common interest and stumbled upon your journal. I look forward to reading your fangirl ramblings, fanfics, and icons, and I'll definitely comment as often as possible.

Nice to meet you, and let's have fun! <3
alskjdf I am so sorry for such a late reply! But it is great to meet you! Thank you very much for the friend add! I will add you back! :D
Hello~ I'm the person who posted on some Arashi comms about an MN fan meetup, just using a different journal now. Hope you don't mind that I added you, I'm trying to keep track of everybody who was interested so we can pull this off :D
My name starts with a "T", so you may call me T-chan. I'm actually older than you but I'm very childish, that's why I like the "-chan" honorific ^^.
My favourite JE group is NEWS.
I was amazed at your icon posts, because they always have a large number of icons & the icons are pretty.
Can we be friends?

P.S: English is not my first language, so please pardon my mistakes.
alskdh I am sooo sorry this comment is so late! But thank you for the add, I'll add you back!
I came across your LJ because of icons you posted in a community? XD I would like to be friends with you! Read your profile and I think it's really cool that you're a writer. I'm actually VERY bad at writing, it's my weak point I guess >_< But I love to read! So I'd read all your writings..? :3
My name is Lana and I live in Texas *bleh*
Woooo! JE FOR LIFE! <3
Favorites groups would have to be Arashi, NEWS, and Question?
To be honest at first I wasn't a big fan of Nishikido Ryo at all! I liked him the least in NEWS. After that, I don't know what happened. I started paying more attention to him and he became one of my favorites :3
Miura Haruma is also awesome! hehe <3

Hope to get to know you~~

I'm sorry this comment is so late! But it's nice to meet you, and thank you for the add! I'll add you back~ :D
OMG I LOVE Ryo too!! <33333 I'm gonna add you if that's okay..? LOL we have Ryo in common. :)
...my name is raixas...
i love nishikido ryo when I 1st watch him in 1 liter of teras...
i want to add u but i'm not very active here in LJ...
i hope we can be friends though i'm not very active here...

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