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Nishikido Ryo Pimp Post

FINALLY, AFTER LIKE A YEAR OF WORKING ON THIS. XD I made a Ryo Pimp Post for his birthday like three years ago but never managed to properly update it, so I just decided to redo it completely. :D

So, the newly updated (for the most part >_>) RYO PIMP POST! :D/ I wanted to post it today (even though I'm late by an hour T_T) because September 6th is Ryo's 14th year anniversary in JE! :D What better way to celebrate than with a pimp post?!

So without further ado:


Name: Nishikido Ryo. 錦戸亮
DOB: November 3rd, 1984 in Amagasaki in Hyogo.
Groups: Kanjani8. NEWS (left the group October 2011)
Nicknames: Ryo-chan, Dokkun (by Kanjani8 member Yokoyama Yuu), and Nishiki (by Arashi member Ninomiya Kazunari).
Family/JE Friends: Parents, two older brothers, and one younger sister. He’s close friends with fellow NEWS member Yamashita Tomohisa and KAT-TUN’s Akanishi Jin, along with Uchi Hiroki and Arashi members Matsumoto Jun and Ninomiya Kazunari.

Ryo was often told when he was younger that he looked like Takizawa Hideaki. So Ryo and one of his friends decided to apply for shits and giggles. He actually forgot about the application and didn’t receive a reply for awhile that he actually forgot about it. He went to the audition, where he was told to draw a picture and say something funny about it, and was then accepted into Johnny’s & Associates in 1997 at the age of thirteen.

This was Ryo when he first joined JE. Adorable, right? ♥ He got his “Ryo-chan” nickname because he was so small when he was younger; he didn’t hit his real growth spurt until he was around seventeen or so.

He was one of the few notable Osaka Juniors of the time along with Shibutani Subaru, Yokoyama Yuu, and Murakami Shingo who would all later become part of Kanjani8 with Ryo. He was in a group called BIG West with other future Kanjani8 members Maruyama Ryuhei and Yasuda Shota.

When he was 15 he was in a subunit called Secret Agent Man with Shounentai’s Higashiyama Noriyuki and actually released a CD for the song Secret Agent Man and performed it on Music Station (MU | MF).

Ryo did many things as a junior. He’s the tiny thing in the Johnny’s Juniors in Hawaii, Can Do Can Go PV from 1998 (MU). In 2000, the Juniors held a concert called Sugao3 and Ryo sang a few duets: Slowly with Shibutani Subaru, and Paraiso with Jimmy Mackey. (Here’s the full concert to download: Part 1 and Part 2). There used to be “rivalry” between the Tokyo Juniors and Kansai Juniors and on this show called Gakibara, the two sides compete in a series of amusing games and tests.

In this clip (MF) Ryo is amazed by Yamapi’s Orange juice trick while they wear matching rings. XD Ryo tries to ride a horse and is deathly afraid (MU). Ryo saying itai (MF). Ryo also starred in a short drama as a junior and also did a “Worst Date” type of drama that you can see here. Here’s Ryo recording a song in the studio, playing soccer, making weird faces, and eating watermelon with Yoko for a photo shoot.

In 2002, Kanjani8 was formed as a group made up of Murakami Shingo, Yokoyama Yuu, Shibutani Subaru, Maruyama Ryuhei, Yasuda Shota, Ohkura Tadayoshi, Uchi Hiroki, and, of course, Nishikido Ryo. Here’s a Kanjani8 Pimp Post, and here’s another for you to learn more about them!

However, at the end of 2003, Ryo found himself part of a nine-member group, including Uchi Hiroki, Yamashita Tomohisa, Koyama Keiichiro, Kato Shigeaki, Masuda Takahisa, Tegoshi Yuya, and Moriuchi Takahiro, called NEWS. And although Ryo was already part of Kanjani8, he debuted with NEWS in 2003 with NEWS NIPPON. There are a couple of NEWS Pimp Posts around: here’s one, two, and three!

Edit: October 7th, 2011, it was announced that Ryo (and Yamapi) have withdrawn from NEWS. Ryo is now currently only an active member of Kanjani8.

In 2004, Ryo (and Uchi) debuted with Kanjani8 as well, releasing the single Naniwa Iroha Bushi, and becoming one of the first JE members to be working in two debuted groups at the same time.

Within this time he also, fortunately, grew up a little. While he still is called Ryo-chan by most people, he’s definitely no longer the tiny boy that first joined JE. Just take a look:

LOL idk who made this, but it was appropriate. XD If it's yours and you want credit, let me know!

So yeah, he grew up. He’s freaking hot. If you’re not entirely convinced, then watch these videos.

Ai Igai no Nandemo nai (2005 Kanjani8 SPIRITS Concert). / MU | MF

Race (2006 Kanjani8 HEAT UP Concert). / MU | MF

TORN (2008 Kanjani8 Concert; Duet with fellow Kanjani8 member Ohkura Tadayoshi). The song is named after them too: Tadayoshi Ohkura Ryo Nishikido! / MF

“That’s unthinkable, I’m not scary at all. What the hell! I’m always nice!”
Idol Grand Prix Duet 2005, Ryo voted number one as the idol who seems scary when angry.

Ryo is known for having a “poison tongue.” He’s snarky and blunt but really he means well and is kind of a huge, soft marshmallow on the inside. He’s incredibly shy and gets embarrassed easily and often tells stupid things in interviews only to admit later that they were actually lies. XD

His poison tongue has been seen in clips from Shounen Club where he picks a fight with KAT-TUN’s Ueda Tatsuya not once but twice! (Battle 1 | Battle 2) But eventually they “made up” in true JE fashion by exchanging letters on Shounen Club (MU). Ryo’s also told members of NEWS, Yamapi and Shige, to cut their hair when it gets too long. He even asked the entire Tokyo Dome full of fans during NEWS Live!Live!Live! Concert in 2010 if Shige should cut his hair (and he did, the next day. XD). He has apparently sent a mail to all of JE saying they needed to dye their hair because it clashed with his black hair, and has told Akanishi Jin that he needs to lose weight in Wink Up (which, of course, I can’t find a link to. HELP?) XD Here’s Ryo yelling at the crowd when he fails to catch a Frisbee.

But no worries. Ryo totally knows he’s mean. Cue the infamous hat:

“Of course his kindness. He's a considerate guy. He always cares about his friends; even now he still hangs out with the ones in Osaka. There's only one thing I'd change in Ryo-chan. The fact that he's too shy. You're already 26, isn't that too much? It makes me wanna blush in his place (lol).”
Yamashita Tomohisa, Duet 2011.07

But like I said before, Ryo’s actually a big marshmallow. In fact, he’s really shy, adorable, silly, and caring. Don’t believe me?

On Ousama no Brunch in 2008, Ryo says he can’t look at girls in the eye, or at least not actress Toda Erika and he hides behind his hand so she won’t look at him. And here’s Ryo fanboying model/singer Leah Dizon when she was on SukaJ with Ryo, Ohkura, and Yoko (MU ).

At a NEWS concert in 2008 Ryo gets asked by a young fan why he talks with such a rough voice and his reply is precious . On a Kanjani8 TV Show, Ryo’s made to go on a date with comedian Haruna in which he is seriously too adorable for words (MU). Kanjani8 does a Neoki Dokkiri and wakes Ryo up super early and laugh at his failed joke (MF). Ryo’s essay from Kanjani8’s 47 Tour Photobook where he reflects on the tour and shows just how much he cares and is so squishy inside. Here’s Ryo (and Uchi) with a baby , Ryo blowing a kiss to a fan (and kicking a box in embarrassment afterward), Ryo talking about his love for musician Saito Kazuyoshi on Hey!Hey!Hey!, and Ryo wondering why the Dengonban exists because no one writes to him.

He is really shy around people he doesn’t know; when he worked with Tomosaka Rie in the film Chonmage Purin, the first time he really talked to her was the last day of filming, even though they’d been filming together for over a month. He gets embarrassed super easily, as can be seen on an episode of Janiben when one of the guests explains she likes the smell of men’s skin. Naturally, Ryo is made to go up so she can smell him, and he acts like a five-year-old throwing a tantrum because he doesn’t want to and then runs away in embarrassment afterwards. ♥ He also went bungee jumping because he didn’t want to go to the dentist. So maybe that makes him a little stupid, but it’s still pretty adorable. In this clip, Tegoshi reveals how much of a softie Ryo really is – he uses other peoples’ laps as pillows! Ryo adamantly denies everything, but we all know the truth. ♥

While his usual jwebs are short and relatively pointless, he occasionally writes long, deep messages that show just how great of a person he really is. He wrote a heartfelt jweb entry about his sister’s weddingand later another one when the Nishikido family dog, Chibi, passed away.

“He’s strong willed. He never falters. He’s always been continuing to play guitar.”
Kato Shigeaki, Myojo 2009.07

A lot of Ryo’s squishiness comes from his music. He’s an amazing singer and has written and composed beautiful music. He plays the guitar with near expertise and is currently learning the piano, the drums, the bass, and even the saxophone. He’s extremely talented when it comes to writing lyrics and composing music and continues to amaze with each new piece.

His songs are wasted if you don’t read the beautiful lyrics that go along with them:

code / listen/download
stereo / listen/download
ordinary / listen/download
half down / listen/download
monologue / listen/download
potential / listen/download
mouten / listen/download

Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of all of Ryo’s solos/duets/other performances for your viewing pleasure. :D

Tsuyoki Kokoro de ike - Shounen Club 2006 / MU | MF
code - NEWS Concert 2007 / MU | MF
code from pacific concert (I will cut and upload this later, sorry >_>)
code - Shounen Club 2007
code from live3 (I will cut and upload this later, sorry >_>)
stereo - Kanjani8 47 Concert 2007
Ordinary - NEWS Live Diamond Concert 2009
Potential - Fancam from Kanjani8 Winter Concerts 2006 / MF
Ai no Katamari - Shounen Club 2005 with Akanishi Jin / MU | MF
Utada Hikaru’s First Love - Fancam from Kanjani8 47 Concert 2007 / MU | MF
Akanishi Jin’s care - Fancam from Kanjani8 47 Concert 2007 / MF
Remioromen’s Konayuki - Fancam from Kanjani8 47 Concert 2007 / MF
Remioromen’s Sangatsu Kokonoka
Seishun Amigo with Yamapi, Jin, and Kame - Johnny’s Countdown 2007/2008.
Heavenly Psycho - Kanjani8 47 Concert 2007
BJ with Kanjani8 / MF
Eden with Kanjani8 (I will cut and upload this later, sorry >_>)
Heavenly Psycho with Kanjani8 (I will cut and upload this later, sorry >_>)
Rolling Coaster with Kanjani8 / MU
Kanjani8’s Life ~Me no Mae wo Mukou e~ PV
Kanjani8's Yellow Pansy Street PV
Kanjani8's Tsubusa ni Koi PV
Kanjani8’s Puzzle with Saito Kazuyoshi - Shounen Club Premium 2010 / MF
Saito Kazuyoshi’s Utautai no ballad with Saito Kazuyoshi - Shounen Club Premium 2010 / MF
TOKIO’s Akirerukurai Bokura wa Negau - Shounen Club Premium 2010 / MU
Mihari - Shounen Club 2005
TORN PV Fancam
TORN - Kanjani8 Countdown Concert 2009
Kanjani8 Band Session - Countdown Concert 2009

In 2009 NEWS released solo PVs with a concert DVD and Ryo created a beautiful video for code. And here is the Making of (after the PV around 4:00) where he laughs in embarrassment every couple of minutes and can’t hold onto his guitar pick. ♥ (You can download the English subbed version of the making of here).

Also in 2009, Kanjani8 split into groups and created PVs for their group duets/triad. Ryo, Ohkura, and Subaru made the Glorious PV, which is sung completely in English and will forever be amusing. XD But it’s pretty, despite the English. XD You can download the making of for this here!

In 2010, Kanjani8 released promotional videos for the movie 8UPPERS where each member created a PV for his upcoming solo. Ryo is very hot boxing in his PV for monologue. (And you can find the full 8UPPERS movie in which Ryo eats a lot and doesn’t wear a shirt and is all around super, super hot right over here.)

Ryo was also one of the first JE members to have his own solo concert. Here’s a fancam of his solo concert in 2006: Part 1 and Part 2. He was so moved and grateful by it that he actually cried speaking to the fans during one show that you can see in this clip.

Now that we’ve established that Ryo is a spectacular performer, I’ll show you just how amazing of an actor he is as well. Ryo’s been in quite a few dramas/SPs/movies and is making a name of himself as an actor and not just as an idol.

Teru Teru Kazuku as Kuwahara Kazuto, where he sings Elvis Presley’s Love me Tender while wearing angel wings. XD
Ganbatte Ikimasshoi as Sekino Hiroyuki, the longtime childhood friend of the main character who’s nickname is “Boo.” XD
1 Litre of Tears as Asou Haruto, the snarky yet marshmallowy classmate that makes you ;__; whenever he does. (Yes, he basically plays himself. >_>)
Attention Please as Nakahara Shota, the airplane technician who looks adorable in a helmet. >_>
Isshun no Kaze ni Nare as Kamiya Kenichi, a soccer superstar who everybody loves (and Uchi's older brother, LOL).
Last Friends as Oikawa Sousuke, the violent boyfriend who still manages to look hot while beating his girlfriend up. >_>
Ryusei no Kizuna as Ariake Taisuke, a high-tension idiot who works at a porn shop and wants revenge on his parents’ murder.
Orthros no Inu as Aoi Ryosuke, the man who can kill anyone with one touch of his hand.
Niini no koto wo wasurenaide as Kawai Keisuke, a studious high schooler who just learns he has a brain tumor.
JOKER ~Yurusarezaru Sosakan~ as Kudo Kenji, a lab technician turned vigilante who looks hot with a gun *__*.
Chonmage Purin as Kijima Yasube, a samurai that timeslips and becomes a pastry chef.
Inu o kau to iu koto as Hongo Yuji, who gave up his dream of being a musician for his family.
Zenkai Girl as Yamada Sota, a kindhearted chef and father.

In 2006, he was also in the stageplay DREAMBOYS with Kanjani8 and KAT-TUN (and has a pretty random role XD). You can download that here!

Here's a list of stageplays he's been in, courtesy of the fabulous fuyukoi:

Musical "MASK" (December 6 - 7, 1997)
KYO TO KYO (April 18th - July 12th, 1998)
KYO TO KYO (July 18th - August 31st, 1998)
KYO TO KYO (September 6th - November 29th, 1998)
PLAYZONE "Theme Park" (July 16th - August 20th, 2000)
PLAYZONE ~Emotion~ (With Yoko & Ohkura -> July 14th - August 17th, 2001)
SHOW SHOCK (December 1st, 2001 - 17th January, 2002)
Summer Storm 2004
Another's ANOTHER 2006
Endless SHOCK (January 10th ~ 31st, 2005)
Endless SHOCK (February 6th - March 28th, 2006)

And because this pimp post is getting wordy, here are some more pictures to balance it out. Being in two groups makes Ryo a bit of a slut. XD

But we’re not done yet! Here are some more must-watch Ryo videos/clips.

Shounen Club Premium where he talks honestly about what it’s like to be in two groups, gets adorable embarrassed over seeing his chibi!self from junior days, and thinks NEWS are smart and Kanjani8 are…dirty?! XD He also explains how he’s a “transparent color” and that’s how can adapt to the different atmospheres of both groups while still being himself. And he shows off his piano skills! ♥

Ryo was on Shounen Club Premium< again, though this time he dragged on musician and friend Saito Kazuyoshi for the talk session and performances (which were linked above if you missed them!). Ryo is Saito’s number one fanboy and you can see it easily in this talk session. Just watch them be really awkward and really cute and try to validate how they’re even friends in the first place! XD

On Hanamaru Café he is adorably nervous the whole time and talks about the other members and shows the hosts how to use a salad making instrument. XD

Oshareism where he shows off his studio, his adorable puppies and explains how he buys things in bulk because it’s exciting. XD He also visits Tokyo Tower and is totally not afraid of heights, unlike two of the hosts.

Romantic Date Contest (with Kanjani8 and KAT-TUN) where Ryo pretends to be a girl and is kind of good at it. (MF)

Itoko Cha Cha Cha where Ryo explains he’s a bundle of good points and the rest of NEWS tells us what those points are.

Kanjani8 Love Stimulation Game where Ryo has to act out as the boyfriend in a skit with one of the guests. (MU)

NEWS Christmas Love Confessions where Ryo almost walks off stage in embarrassment after his confession.

NEWS wo Abake, where the members are asked varying questions from Who is the REAL leader of NEWS? to Who is the coolest member of NEWS? The first time Ryo was unfortunately not there, but they’ve done it twice more since then! Here is the second time in 2007: Part 1 and Part 2. And here is the most recent one from 2009.

In the 2006 NEWS concerts, Tegoshi sang Yamapi’s Love Song, and in this performance, Yamapi joins him and brings Ryo and it’s beautiful. ;_; ♥

Kanjani8’s Who is the Hatoko Game. Mr. X Game on Shounen Club . Ryo and Uchi almost kiss (MF). Ryo learns backflips. Ryo archery clip . Ryo on Recommen with Yoko and Hina.

Ryo learns how to be a stripper . Ryo gets molested by old men. Ryo talks about weight loss .

Ryo winking cutely. Ryo and Uchi smile crazily. Ryo gives Yamapi a massage.

In 2009, NEWS hosted 24 Hour Television and Ryo went on trip to a small town to talk to the people there about it. Watch him being complete ridiculous and later upset when he’s not chosen as a favorite in NEWS by some teenage girls! This year, Ryo went on the Darts Trip again when Kanjani8 hosted 24 hour Television. Here you can see him be told that Yoko would’ve been a better to meet, and get screamed at by a lot of fans. XD

In 2010, Ryo did a CM for 7UP! Watch him be adorable as he rocks out on air guitar! XD

Subaru is evil and wakes Ryo up, Maruyama randomly gives Ryo a kiss, Ryo being absolutely adorable with the little baby in the 8UPPERS film (seriously this man needs to have his own kids, so so so cute ♥♥♥).

Ryo was possibly a porn star in a past life, or at least a phone-sex operator because the noises he makes while getting a foot massage and an ear massage (download) leave pretty much nothing to the imagination. XD In this episode of Janiben, you learn everything you needed to know about Ryo’s sex life. XD And in this clip from Janiben, Kanjani8 do a couple of Love Psychology games where we once again learn more about Ryo’s supposed sex life. XD

During NEWS’ LIVE!LIVE!LIVE concert, Ryo is asked what he’d say if he was a detective and he says there is no tomorrow for you. *__*

Here the rest of Kanjani8 find Ryo adorable when he says “oishi~.” ♥ XD Ryo and Yamapi have a battle of Pride! Ryo wall climbing and amazing all of Kanjani8. Ryo strips while jump roping. Ryo imitates Gachapin. Ryo diving from 3 meters.

The Joker Cast on VS Arashi. The Zenaki Girl Cast on VS Arashi</a>. The Ryusei no Kizuna Cast on Tokyo Friends Park II, part one and part two.

Ryo on Kuwazugirai against three members of AKB48 where he’s good at fooling everyone as to what his most hated food is. The Making of Chonmage Purin where you can see Ryo be super shy with Tomosaka Rie, and super cute with Suzuki Fuku. ♥

Kanjani8’s Janiben with Hoshino Aki where Ryo is a certified pervert. No, really. He is ridiculous. ♥

Here are some Ryo-related links: A Ryo Translation Blog, a NEWS Translation Blog, and hellomichi, also a NEWS translation journal. Here is a masterpost of all of Ryo's translated Jwebs! ryo_watch is your number one stop for anything and everything Ryo-related on LJ. Join ryogifaday for a daily dose of Ryo! Also a two tumblogs you can follow: fuckyeahryocaps and fuckyeahnishikidoryo.

None of these videos or pics are mine! I did upload a lot of them on my own, but I didn't rip or scan anything. Credits go to boys_paper, news_jpop, ryopilover, yamaperfection, ryo_watch, ryuseinokizuna, kanjani8, jfansubs, share@DW, o_e_subs, VENDY, and random sites off google. I cannot remember every place, but if there's something that's yours and you want credit, do let me know, I'll definitely add it. Thanks to the original uploaders and subbers! ♥

This is, of course, by no means a completely comprehensive Ryo Pimp Post, but I think most everything that is primarily Ryo-related is here! ♥ If there's something missing you think is completely blasphemous that I do not have, please do tell me (and possibly where to find it) so I can add it!! :D I'll try to be more up-to-date on this pimp post from now on because omg did it take a REALLY LONG time to finally put this together. XD

Ryo - Congratulations on your 14th Year JE Anniversary! ♥ Please continue being your hardworking, dedicated, and ridiculously adorable and squishy self! XD ♥

Edit: I am aware some of the Youtube videos have been taken down and I'll try and find new links/upload them myself as soon as I can! Sorry about that! ^^; stupid youtube
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